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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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coming up this morning, a police boycott in san jose, we'll have details. >> and here we are looking live, sausalito and san francisco off to the background. that will lead to slightly warmer weather. when the heat returns to the forecast. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center. getting the friday off with a couple of stalls. details coming up. >> and man accused of stealing a picasso faces arraignment today. mark lugo's apartment turns up half a million dollars worth of
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stolen artwork. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> good friday. >> i hadn't noticed. >> an oakland neighborhood rocked by a shooting death of a popular restaurant owner will unveil a new crime fighting tool. surveillance cameras but will be different and better than what was there before. nick smith is live there in the fruitvale district to show us. >> reporter: good morning. there will be about 30 cameras installed in this fruitvale district. they will be installed throughout the area to increase surveillance in a crime plagued neighborhood. oakland city leaders purchased the cameras to the merchants who weren't able to afford them. the police will eventually monitor them in realtime and have them monitored by volunteers. the first installation outside a mexican restaurant where
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chuey campos was murdered. many believe the cameras would have made a difference because these are strategically placed to cover crime patterns in the neighborhood. the crime is still unsolved and the pre-dawn botched robbery upset the community. so they rallied and demanded change. what you need to know about the cameras, those cameras what makes the difference is those cameras take about 30 frames per second. they believe that will provide more clarity and also shot in high definition. in san jose, 15 non-community action groups are planning to call the latino community to boycott the police department. leaders threatened to call for the members to stop working with police as informants or
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witnesses unless the chief gets rid of two homeland security agents working with the police department. they joined the police department last month to help fight the growing gang problem. the chief insists they will only be targeting gang members that are in the country illegally but many in the community is says they aren't sure. they begin two days for missing student michelle le. she was last seen seven weeks ago. police are investigating her disappearance as a homicide but her family believes she may still be alive. they will announce where they are searching when they get to the hayward command center this morning. they increased the reward to $100,000. >> police detectives are questioning the girlfriend of giovanni ramirez the main suspect in the beating of bryan stow. they arrested her in las vegas for being in possession of a
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methamphetamine. she said ramirez was at her home when stow was beaten in the parking lot. a child in a car was in a car driven away from the suspect from dodgers stadium. >> the investigation goes where it goes. it's a complicated inquiry that has a lot of things to it that make it difficult to make a determination. >> stow is still recovering from severe brain injuries. >> man accused of stealing a picasso drawing from a union square art gallery is scheduled to return to court today. mark lugo is being held on $5 million bail. investigators say he appears to have quite an art habit. after he was arrested for the theft. they raided his new jersey apartment and found $500,000
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worth of stolen artwork hanging on his wall on his home, another picasso, this one worth $350,000. it was reported stolen from new york hotel. in san francisco, there is an increasing problem, people posing as parking attendants. even a former mayor was victim. a san francisco supervisor called us saying that he is taking action. here is lilian kim. >> reporter: many lots in machines that have signs pay here or pay in back. but nevertheless people are being ripped off by parking lot imposters. art agnos came face to face with one. a man motioned him to stop. >> he said $10 and he gave me a receipt. put this on the bend she would
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and drive on right down there is a spot right there. >> agnos realized it was a scam when he got a ticket later in the night. >> one of the most prolific imposters was caught on a surveillance camera. authorities identified him as mbemba. despite repeated arrests he will likely reoffend. >> because it's considered a misdemeanor, it has cumulative effect. >> they will introduce a resolution on tuesday. he is calling for the d.a., muni and the port authority to come up with a plan that will put an end to the parking lot scam. one idea is ask owners to have gates and require tickets to enter and exit the lots. >> they are introducing on tuesday is non-binding resolution, he hopes it willvovl in into a city ordinance.
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governor jerry brown has signed a landmark bill to inning gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history into social studies classes in california public schools. the bill is first of its kind in the nation. they passed last week on largely party line group. in some groups says it exposes to students to subjects that some parents find objectionable. mark leno says it would teach students tolerance and be more accepting of differences. >> president obama has scheduled a news conference to talk about the status us of negotiations to increase the debt limit. it follows the fifth round of talks at the white house. the president has asked both parties to take three deficit reductions to see which if any can win a vote in the house and senate and reported back to him in 36 hours with a possible deal.
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time is growing short to avoid a potentially disastrous defaulted. we'll bring his speech live at 8:00 this morning. you traveled across the golden gate bridge. did you see much drizzle out this morning? >> my car wouldn't start today. so i was driving late. i drove rapidly across the bridge. i'm not sure water would have stuck on my car anyway. i'm just kidding i was going like 25. >> that was the plasma trail i saw go across the bridge this morning. [ laughter ] >> here is a look at the trough of low pressure and the smaller lows within it that keep us in our cooling trend. notice one of them sliding down to the south. we could get a little bit less breeze today and slightly warmer weather. us a step outside right now, it is 50 in santa rosa. everybody else in the low to mid-50s unless you get oakland
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at about 57 degrees. as far as highs look like yesterday but 1-3, maybe 4 degrees warmer. mid to upper 50s around the bay shore. low on to mid-70s and 77 in antioch and the coast we'll see pockets of sunshine and upper 50s to low 60s for you. head down to the monterey bay on this friday, it's going to be 63 a little sunshine around monterey. pacific grove and carmel. 72 at santa cruz, morgan hill and gilroy in the mid to upper 70s. seven-day forecast, you can see about 2 degrees warmer, sunday, then we jump up about 6 on monday and temperatures are closer to average tuesday the through thursday of next week. >> potential hot spots but we have a couple accidents, minor ones, first in san francisco, northbound 19th avenue past highway 1, an accident in the
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right lane. you are looking at the map, this is before the waldo tunnel, northbound 101 before the waldo tunnel, there is an accident on 19th avenue. and eastbound at fish ranch road we have a stall there. that is blocking the two right lanes, it's pretty light so we don't have any slowing at the scene. >> 4:40 on this friday morning -- did i mention that earlier? it is friday. >> a flight to europe comes to an abrupt end for hundreds of passengers. still ahead, the collision that has federal investigators looking at it. >> and airport security. new program that
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got the high-rises and the ferry building. with we've got a warming trend on the way. if you like summertime, mike nicco is the man to talk to. more news. a federal investigation is getting underway at boston logan airport. passengers were shaken up after an airplane clipped a wing. nobody was hurt but they are trying to figure out how it happened. lisa stark has the latest. >> it was a clear evening still light out when the larger plane smacked into the smaller jet. bottom planes were damaged. wing tip as sliced and the tail badly mangled. >> i was looking out the window and i saw a plane, these planes are pretty close. i wonder if anybody sees it.
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it's like those things you hear about. >> we were were grateful no one was hurt. >> the planes were taxiing for takeoff. the jumbo jet was still on the main taxi way coming from behind and apparently thought he was cleared from the smaller plane but he was not. the jumbo jet was heading to amsterdam with 204 passengers. regional jet reportedly with 74 passengers and three crew. one passenger on that small plane complained of a neck injury after the collision. there were nearly 1,000 runway incidents at the nation's airports where planes got too close to each other. luckily actual collisions are not common, but they are a major safety concern. tsa wants to test express
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lanes for travelers. they plan to launch a program that will allow prequalified passengers to pass through more swiftly. it would include delta passengers boarding in atlanta and detroit and american airlines boarded in miami and dallas. frequent flyers would provide personal information and cleared passengers may escape more rigorous screening. some pre-screened passengers will still go through a full check. >> and a hero serving our country during war. a solemn homecoming for a fallen san jose soldier. >> and new attempts that the city of oakland is doing to make it the pot farm of california. >> and is the internet replacing our memory and is it something we should be worried. >> and can i remember? and harry potter hoopla
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welcome back. check out the high temperatures, if you are travel today, coolest will be around seattle and portland. a lot of mid to upper 80s and reprieve from the heat. denver in the low 90s, phoenix around 103. all the major airports running on time. severe weather around denver and minneapolis. we'll have it all at flight tracker at >> a public memorial service will be held in santa rosa this afternoon for the 14-year-old girl who died during a sleepover last weekend. investigators believer she died sunday after apparently drinking a mix of alcohol and soda. they found an open vodka bottle at home. three other girls also got sick at the party.
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they are okay. they told investigators they were just experimenting. >> flags will fly half-staff for a fallen soldier. he died when his unit came under fire in afghanistan. his flag draped coffin arrived at moffett field. patriot guard riders and police officers stood alongside the family. >> as a father i can't be any prouder knowing what tha what you raised, when you are raising your son this that they come up with just perfect character. >> he leaves behind a wife and daughter. he served in the marine corps before joining the army. next tuesday the oakland city council will consider increasing medical marijuana
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dispensaries from four to eight and make cultivation ordinance compliant with the state law. a legal firm has revised the city plan to license large medicinal pot farms. they want to create a system where the city's dispensaries will get their marijuana from the city's pot farms. they warned the current system could open them up for arrest. midnight showing, harry potter and deadly hallows part 2. the young wizards say they were sad to see the movie. >> you feel like you are losing your best friend. >> servicing ending.
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>> warner brothers say it took in more than $43 million on the first day and they are expected to break records on the first weekend making more than $158 million which would eclipse the record set by the dark knight in 1998, thanks to the nicco family. >> in part. we squeeze them in. >> you will be, too. >> it is a little violent and scary. >> mike's kids can handle it. it will be sad. >> and kleenex and sad moment all of a sudden. >> we didn't have to go there. >> the kleenex to wipe away the
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drizzle on our faces. >> not as prevalent or the day before. i got goose good news we'll see a slow warming trend. here we are looking down from mount tamalpais down to sausalito. the background the clouds are not previous lintd as they have been the past couple of mornings. if you are stepping out the us on 50 degree weather from low to high 50s. thicker clouds and we have temperatures in the low to high 50s from santa cruz and gilroy. the slow warming trend begins today. oakland 65. san francisco and san jose, 1 degree warmer. santa rosa, 2, 3 and 4 for concord and fremont. here is a look at the east bay valleys, low to mid-70s in most neighborhoods, antioch and brentwood, upper 70s.
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heading back to the east bay shore, it will be partly cloudy today. the breeze keeping richmond and berkeley and oakland, a few other places like san leandro and hayward mid-50s and upper 50s for castro valley and fremont. down in the south bay, upper 50s everybody else in the low to mid-70s. on the peninsula, mostly sunny but mid to upper 60s to and even a 70 as you head into los altos. 59 in pacifica. 50 in the sunset. low to mid-60s for downtown san francisco and sausalito. san rafael 69 and low to mid-70s through the north bay valleys and low 80s from calistoga and cloverdale. down around the monterey bay, 63 but low 70s for sausalito and watsonville. as you travel the state, chance of a light shower and higher elevations between eureka and chico. so the cool sea breeze is in the
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central valleys and 71 in tahoe. same thing in san diego, no chance of rain and 98 in palm springs. back home. small chance of drizzle, mid to upper 40s cloverdale and santa rosa. as we look at the main area of low pressure, you can see a couple other small ones digging down in this trough that is keeping the sea breeze in our neighborhoods, temperatures are below average but still again today, but it's also starting to motivate this big area of low pressure off to the east and that is why we see the warming trend become gradual in the forecast today. today, tomorrow and sunday and monday, 90s in the forecast. at the coast we'll be stuck around low to mid-60s. have a great weekend. good morning. i was just checking, 27 different areas of overnight
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construction around the bay area. be careful out there. this is san rafael, camera facing north. this is the southbound direction of 101 from lucas valley reside. you see the road work. that is ongoing resurfacing project all the way down to central san rafael with various lanes closed. richmond parkway has had intermittent closures, road work until 5:00 today. that is the scheduled wrap up. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty light this morning. we have no meters lights on. traffic is flowing well into san francisco on the upper deck we'll watch that for you and light. go to and click on bay area traffic. and focus on transit, transit riders shall the first in the world to have the fastest wi-fi connection currently available. they have launched free 4-g wireless service on all its
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light rail trains. they finished the testing and they plan to add by my on express buses later this year. this weekend it will give two tickets to giants-dodgers game for somebody that is using wi-fi on the train. >> they say we are outsourcing our memory to google and on other search engines. they put so much information that we remember fewer facts. part of our brain that remembers things could be evolving to the part that binds things. does it mean other memories are changing? >> the computer, everyone realizes they are doing this. it seems that much more scary in some ways. the idea that we are locating everything we learn outside of ourselves, does that have any
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impact on our ability to remember things in general. i don't think that is the case. scientists say there might be things we used to know and now forget -- that is true. but we still hang on to what is useful. >> you know, i forget what i was going to say now. san jose police are searching for travel agents that ripped off customers. next at 5:00. a particular community they targeted. >> michelle le has been missing for almost two months. i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward. i'll have details, what the family is going to do they can is next coming up. >> you don't want parking meters .... >> and undercover video in a dispute between the public defender and the police department. >> and new glitch that forced >> and new glitch that forced the shuttle crew out t t t t t
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